Monday, September 9, 2013

Templenoe, Kenmare - Ruined Farmhouse

On Thursday September 5th we went to a deserted farmhouse on the outskirts of Kenmare in Co. Kerry. We had heard some strange stories about the place and couldn't wait to investigate.There were 3 of us on the investigation team.

We arrived close to our destination just before midnight and walked down the steep, rocky driveway to the house. From a distance the house looked like any normal farmhouse although it was in a poor state of repair with most of the roof missing and no glass in the windows.

We entered the house. It was very dilapidated with rubble all over the floor. There was an old settle still against one wall and an old crane for holding the cooking pot still in the fireplace.

We could not enter the sitting room area as the floor was too dangerous and the upstairs was also difficult to get to. We contented ourselves with standing on the stairs and taking a few pictures of an iron bedstead and wooden chest which were all that the bedroom contained.

We began our investigation but despite repeated call outs, we got nothing to suggest that the place is haunted even with residual energy.

We also investigated an outside shed but again we got nothing.

We will be reviewing the rest of  the equipment but like the photographs, I don't expect to get any surprises.I will upload the pictures later so that you can get a feel for the place but there is nothing paranormal in them.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hell Fire or Camp Fire?

Did the Hell Fire Club live up to its name? Although we did not have much activity in the whole building, we got some good K11 hits in the upstairs room at the back.
The EMF meter seemed to respond to questions and the readings were very strong. The responses appeared to be strongest every time I spoke so we concluded that if it was a spirit, it reacted in a positive manner to me and that I should keep trying to communicate with it.
Occasionally I had the feeling of being watched and most of us seemed to be drawn to the corner where the readings were strongest but this may have been because we were fascinated by it.
We spent the night in one of the upstairs rooms at the front of the building. It was a cold and wet night but nothing came to disturb us or make us uneasy. We had to abandon our idea of lighting a camp fire as the rain was quite heavy and we forgot to bring fire-lighters or kindling, but our camping stove, lodged in the old fireplace, cheered us up considerably
I can now say that I spent the night in the Hell Fire Club, Dublin - and lived to tell the tale.

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