Friday, July 27, 2012

Magdalene Laundry, Cork 5th May 2012

My first visit to the laundry with two other investigators proved to be enlightening. We were able to see first hand the difference between the living quarters of the girls locked up here and of the nuns who were supposed to care for these girls. The nursery was a bleak place without access to daylight. Faded pictures of the Muppets could still be seen on the wall but that was probably the only concession to normality that these unfortunate babies had while in this dreary place.

We didn't see many heating pipes around the walls in the girls' living quarters while in the nuns' quarters large heating pipes were everywhere.

The building is slowly falling into a dangerous state of disrepair but at the time we were able to get into quite a lot of the building.

Climbing over piles of rubble and creeping up old, rotting staircases while hugging the wall, we moved to the top floor. Nothing exciting to report here, so we moved down a floor.

Straightaway the energy felt really different. We started getting K11 hits and at one point an old soft drinks can rolled away from my foot even though I did not touch it.

As we moved down the staircase to the ground floor the three of us were holding K11 meters, the lights on these suddenly went to the top of the scale and stayed like that for quite a few seconds. I had the sensation of someone following me down the stairs. It reminded me of when I was at school and we were all pushing and shoving as we ran down the stairs.

We entered the derelict corridor and got a few more K11 hits before moving on into the nuns' quarters at the other side of the building.

The energy was different here but we didn't catch anything on any of the equipment and I didn't sense anything strange.

Pictures of both previous and subsequent investigations at this location can be found here

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