Thursday, August 2, 2012

Magdalene Laundry, Cork 2nd June 2012

My third and final visit to this poignant place. The building had deteriorated badly in the last few weeks probably because of the amount of rain that had fallen in the past few months. A lot of the interior had collapsed and it was no longer safe to climb the stairs or walk on the upper floors.

Our team collaborated with teams from other areas in this last investigation here.

The night was very wet and quite windy. I got a strange feeling as soon as I entered the building. I really did not want to be there but I didn't know why.

It was eerie with the rain dripping outside. It sounded like footsteps all around us but we knew it was just nature playing tricks on us.

We began our investigation on the upper floor. Three of us decided to go into a side room while the other three stayed in the main room. As I entered behind one of the guys I stepped to the side to allow the girl behind me to come in too. She went past me and into the centre of the room. I turned back to the door and she was only just entering the room. I looked behind me but there was no one there and I asked the other guy with me where the other girl had gone. He asked what other girl and said that there were only the three of us here.

A few minutes later both he and I heard rustling which seemed to be coming from a derelict staricase beside us. We shone our torches down the rotting stairs but could not see anything. We decided that the noise was probably pigeons nesting in the roof above us but I have to admit it sounded to me more like the swish of a nun's habit as she moved quickly down the stairs. My sense of direction and also my hearing were probably affected by the noise of the bad weather outside.

The three team members in the other room said they could hear footsteps or bangs in with them at this time.

We moved to the next floor down and got a few K11 hits. I felt someone put their hand around my waist but there was no one near me. Then, I felt it again only this time it was like a hand either side of my waist. Soon after this I felt someone gently rubbing my belly and this continued almost the whole time we were on this floor. It did not feel threatening but it was certainly strange.

We moved to the lower floor for a break and one of the guys with the camera got a bad fright as he thought he saw a face in one of the interior windows of an office like room. There was no one in the room.

We poured the coffee and while drinking it a few of us saw sparks on a wall near a doorway.

I felt extremely sad and felt tears were close but I had no idea why. We investigated a room just beside us where it is said that people often feel sad but we did not get any evidence here.

We briefly entered the nuns' quarters but the ceilings and floors did not look safe so we quickly left.
We discovered a few previously unnoticed rooms but did not get anything worth reporting in these. I and two other ladies waited in the corridor while the others checked out these rooms and we got K11 hits and a strong feeling that we were being watched.

All in all, though I was sorry that we would be unable to return here, I was really glad to leave this sad and lonely place that wet and windy night.

Pictures from the investigation can be found here

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