Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ballinacarriga Castle, Co Cork Friday 13th July 2012

Back again to one of my favourite places – Ballinacarriga Castle. I’m sure that this castle is haunted but more investigations are always welcome as there is so much in the paranormal world that we simply do not understand.

This visit was with a production company from France who wanted to film the investigation.
We set up the equipment and went up the stairs to the top floor. On the way up I stumbled and something grabbed my elbow and steadied me. I thought I had brushed against the wall but when I swung my torch around I realised that the wall was not near enough to me and the only way I could touch it with my elbow was to lean sideways and stick my elbow right out. 

Almost immediately one of the other investigators, a few steps above me, called out that he was getting K11 hits. 

The upper floor is open to the elements and the evening was damp. We huddled together in the old fireplace and waited for the drizzle to ease up. Finally, I moved out into the room and stood with my back to a window which looked into a smaller room to the side. 

One of the investigators called out that she had seen something run across the floor while filming but despite there still being a little daylight left, none of the rest of us saw anything.  

At almost the same time I heard shuffling movements in the room behind me and called out that we had a visitor. 

All three of our K11 meters showed activity throughout this part of the investigation. The change in EMF seemed to be going around the room as each meter lit up at different times. 

We moved to a lower floor and immediately got K11 hits. I was photographed in a corridor but did not appear in the first picture despite being in plain view. A second picture taken seconds later showed me standing against the wall. Later, when the first picture was enhanced, I appeared once again in the corridor. 

The French camera man saw a shadow or shape and thought he caught it on film. Unfortunately, we are still awaiting confirmation of this. 

A friend of mine had asked me to pass on a message to his ancestors the next time I came to the castle. I called out his name and said he just wanted to say hello. I felt a cool breeze on one hand and had a strong feeling that someone was standing beside me.  My K11 meter showed activity so I chatted away for a few minutes about my friend and asked if anyone would like to send him a message back. I didn’t get a reply but my K11 meter continued to light up for quite some time. 

We moved out onto the stairs and immediately could hear footsteps or movements around us. All the K11s were active. 

Eventually we moved to the ground floor but although I had a strong feeling that we were being watched apart from a couple of further K11 hits we did not have any further activity.

Videos and photographs of our visits to Ballinacarriga Castle can be found here

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