Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mediums - Real or Fake?

Do Ghosts really exist? Are Spirits around us? Can Demons possess humans?

If you are interested in the Paranormal then like me, you will find questions like these fascinating and need answers to the unknown.

How do we go about looking for these answers?

Ghost Hunters or Paranormal Investigators use tools to help uncover anomalies and to provide some evidence of phenomena experienced by both themselves and others.

Mediums or sensitives claim to have a gift. Some of them are very convincing and do indeed, seem to be able to perceive things outside the scope of most people. Unfortunately, as there is no way they can directly prove that what they see or feel is true, most mediums are treated with disbelief or skepticism.

This is where the tools come in.

Mediums can guide investigators so that the tools can be used to corroborate their findings. For example, people often complain that they suddenly feel cold. Temperature checks can be carried out and if there is a large unexplained difference in temperature around that person then it can be documented.

Similarly, voices or other sounds unheard by most of the team, can sometimes be heard on recording devices thus backing up a personal experience.

It is very important when on an investigation, to always mention out loud, any feelings, sounds, touches or any other abnormal experiences, as they occur. This way, when the evidence is downloaded and checked, it is easy to cross reference any paranormal incidents.

As with all aspects of Paranormal Investigation, it is impossible to say for sure whether mediums are real or fake. The most important thing is to keep an open mind. Just because you don't hear or see something yourself, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Until we have the answers, I guess we'll just have to keep on using the tools, documenting the evidence and having fun!

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