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Private House Investigation October 30th

The investigation took place in an old hunting lodge. The original building is at the front while an extension has been built on the back.

The first room we entered was at the back in the newer part. I took a few pictures straight away.

(The kitchen area in the newer part of the house)

We began our investigation in the blue room - a downstairs bedroom in the newer part of the house. This room has a strange smell in it even though it is well aired. We heard a lot of knocks or raps while we were in this room. They seemed to be in response to our questions but it was hard to tell. 

(The blue room)

It was a windy night so we put a lot of the noises down to the wind outside.

While still in this room one of the people present heard breathing beside her and most of us heard movement in the hallway outside. 

We moved to the older part of the house - inside the front door. The first room had plaster moldings around the ceiling with initials on them. One of the people present had done her research well and was able to tell us who they all represented.

(The room with the moldings containing the initials of former occupants)

While in this room we all heard loud but deep thuds coming from somewhere in the house each time we called out asking for contact.

I was standing by the fireplace when I felt something touch my leg. This happened a few times and then one of the investigators pointed out that the energy seemed to be low on the ground, suggesting a child's energy perhaps, and that there were a few toys right behind me.

We moved into the next room just to have a look. This room had plaster moldings of faces all around the room and seemed to match up to the initials in the room beside it.

We moved upstairs next. The small bedroom had a creepy feel to it and when we began calling out, we again heard the loud deep thuds as if in reply. I used the names of the initials downstairs and called out first asking for Edmond to come upstairs as we were waiting for him. We heard definite movement on the stairs although not actual footsteps - more like shuffling.

(Noises were heard on the stairs)

I continued to call out using the names of people who were known to have stayed here in the distant past and each time we got some response - a bang, a knock or a noise on the stairs.

The room felt cold and temperature readings were taken throughout the investigation with nothing unusual to report.

After we left the room one of the investigators checked the temperature again and found that it had raised a few degrees as soon as we left.

(Possibly Harriet's room)

We moved into the second bedroom. The previous occupants had found an old picture of a lady dating from the 1800's. We thought this may have been Harriet but we did not receive any responses to our questions.

(The upstairs bedroom possibly Harriet's)

We went back down to the downstairs bedroom. Here we received a lot of possible responses to our questions and while sitting on the bed I felt something pushing against my back. This happened three times.

We each complained at times throughout the night that the air around us had turned very cold. Temperature reading showed that the air was actually hotter around the person in question. 

We decided to go outside. The hunting lodge had been built at a crossroads and legend has it that there was a hanging tree outside the front gate. This tree - an elm - had died over twenty years ago and had been replaced by a fir tree. 

(The site of the Hanging Tree)

The churchyard containing the graves of some of the former residents of the hunting lodge was a few hundred yards down the road. As we walked towards it one of the investigators suddenly became ill. She quickly moved away from the area and started to feel better. Later as we passed the same place, she suddenly gasped and announced that she had felt a blast of hot air.

(Investigator beginning to feel ill at the spot where the Watcher is said to appear)

Legend also has it that a watcher has been seen at the same spot as if guarding over someone or something.

(Graves of some of the former occupants of the Hunting Lodge)

When we went back to the hunting lodge we entered through the front door. I stood for a moment just inside the door waiting for the others. I noticed that I had difficulty keeping my balance and asked several of the others to stand on the same spot. We all noticed that there appeared to be something wrong with the floor although we could not see anything unusual. One of the people said she felt like she was trying to walk through a swamp there, several other reported feeling like they were on a boat.

 Irish Paranormal Haunts

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