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Elizabeth Fort, Cork 9th October 2015

My first visit to this historic fort in the heart of Cork city was as exciting as I expected. The setting is beautiful with the wooden gates leading into a courtyard surrounded by the old Garda station and the walls.
As darkness fell we climbed to the walls from where we had a view of the city lights.

Section of the Old Garda Station

View of the Entrance Gate

We began our investigation in the reception room near the cells. There was nothing of any interest to report here so we moved to the upper floor. I had a feeling that someone was lurking in the corridor outside the room we were working in but our equipment did not pick up anything.

We moved to a conference room at the opposite end of the building and found an old pound note stapled to a letter. The pound note appeared to be a payment for a fine. One of the team members mentioned taking it as a souvenir. As she spoke K11s around the room lit up.

This was the first interesting thing that had happened.

We continued calling out and asking questions and seemed to be getting an intelligent response from the K11s. We concluded that it may have been a former garda who was trying to make contact.

After a while we moved to the air raid shelter set out in the courtyard near the front gate. One of the team brought the pound note and letter with her.

View from inside the Air Raid Shelter

We thought we heard movement just outside the room we were in but again, our equipment did not pick up anything unusual.

The old pound note and letter had been placed on a table in the middle of the room and two of the team suddenly reported that they thought they saw it move - the pound note seemed to lift up on one side. This may have been caused by a sudden air current although there did not seem to be any particular movement of air in the room.

View of part of the Inner Courtyard

We then made our way to the outer walls. These are accessed by stone steps leading up to a wooden walkway. From the walkway you have magnificent views of the city as well as access to where soldiers would have patrolled many years ago.

We tried calling out from one section but there was so much noise going on in the city we decided to simply have a break and enjoy the beautiful night.

I did feel that there was someone up on the walls with us but our equipment did not support this.

One of the many exhibits around the grounds

The steps leading to the walls

We returned to the conference room and placed the pound note and letter back where we had found them. The other team members decided to explore the attic but I did not feel I could climb up there so opted to remain in the conference room on my own.

I started calling out and asking if there was anyone with me. I had switched on my audio recorder and began to ask various questions. Later when I played back the audio, I found that my questions were being answered and that I had not been alone at all.




The rest of the team returned and we began to call out again. One of the team suggested getting out the pound note again and we did this, using it as a focus for our calling out.

Once again, at the mention of taking the money away and also at the mention of removing files (non existent files), the K11s all lit up. We were able to carry on a seemingly intelligent conversation using the K11s.

My conclusions: I think there is some energy around the fort. In the building itself I feel that this is not a particularly old energy but up on the walls there is a much older feeling.

To date I still have not gone through all of the audio from that night but if I come across anything else unusual I will post it here.

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