Sunday, May 17, 2015

Second Investigation at the Eldon Hotel

Cork Supernatural Society

I was delighted to be asked by Cork Supernatural Society to join them on an investigation of the Eldon Hotel. The first time I investigated there I felt that there might be something worth revisiting. We set up our equipment in Room 28 and began to call out asking if there was anyone who wanted to make contact with us. After a short time I noticed that there were sparkling pin pricks of light above one of the K11 meters. I mentioned this and it was immediately corroborated by one of the other investigators. Neither of the other two investigators saw this.

Unexplained Movement

I was standing between an armchair and a wardrobe. I had placed my K11 on the arm of the chair and suddenly one of the investigators asked if I was somehow moving it. I replied that I wasn't close enough to it and that I thought it was still in the same place. She said that perhaps she had imagined it but she thought she had seen it moving along the chair a few inches. We continued to call out asking for signs of any presence. It was cold in the room and I had begun taking temperature readings. There were a few cold spots but I felt they may have been caused by air currents or because the windows were not double glazed. One of the investigators, Matt, was calling out asking for anyone to make contact. I was leaning against the wardrobe when suddenly the wardrobe door flew open and crashed back against the side of the wardrobe. Despite repeated attempts to recreate this we were unable to get the door to open on its own again. We noted that the door swung slowly closed when it was opened but did not move in the other direction unless we physically moved it.

Shadows and Chains

Several of us, myself included, saw unexplained shadows dart across the open doorway and move along the corridor. We could hear noises suggesting that someone was hovering just outside the open room door but there was no one in the corridor when we checked on this. We moved to another part of the hotel. It had been used as a Halloween attraction a few weeks before this and some of the props were still in place. While we were calling out in the next area we all heard a chain rattle as if someone had brushed against it. We noted a light chain suspended from a wooden partition from where a Halloween prop had been removed. This chain was swinging gently although none of us was anywhere near it.

Bible Falling and Strange Voices

We went to a downstairs area and clearly heard a loud bang. One of the investigators was just ahead of me and he saw a Bible fall off a window ledge as he approached it. We tried to recreate this as we thought it might have been a loose floorboard or panel that caused it to fall, but we were unable to do so. I left in the early hours of the morning and the rest of the team stayed in the Hotel. The next day they told me that they had been disturbed during the night by a male voice downstairs and a dragging noise in the corridor outside their room.