Friday, February 28, 2014

Review - Paranormal Intruder by Caroline Mitchell

For lovers of all things paranormal, I have just finished reading this true account of a family living through the most horrific experience I can imagine. I have come across many strange, unexplainable things but nothing like this!

I was gripped from the first page and found it very hard to put down. The family's vulnerability and pain are clearly portrayed and the reader is soon looking for answers and hoping a solution is in sight.

Did the entity just want to be recognised or did it want to do harm?
Did Lee's presence have some effect or was it coincidence?
Could you live in a house with this kind of activity going on?

5 Star Rating

Pictures from Duckett's Grove 21st Feb 2014

A few pics from the recent investigation in Duckett's Grove, Co Carlow.

I will publish the report once I have had a chance to go through the audio recordings. I am hoping that the recorder picked up the various knockings and moans we all heard during the night!

Duckett's Grove

Moans and Knocking were heard in the room straight ahead in this picture

 The last time I was here footsteps were clearly heard walking around the team  near this chained off area
(Picture above and below)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Countdown is on!!!

One more sleep until our latest investigation at Duckett's Grove, Co Carlow! Really looking forward to this one. The last time I was there strange stuff was going on all the time so hopefully it will be active this time too.

Built in 1830 by William Duckett in a Castellated Gothic style with many towers and turrets. It was destroyed by fire in 1933.  In 2007 it was officially opened as a public park.

Previously Documented Phenomena
  • Footsteps heard in the kitchen area of the castle
  • Shuffling sounds in corridors
  • Tiny twinkling lights in a corridor
  • Digging sounds in the garden
  • Hooves and carriage wheels crunching on gravel near the woods - only grass and hard-packed dirt paths here now
  • Feelings of being touched
  • Singing in the kitchen area of the castle
  • Furniture being violently moved in the little room on the first floor in the courtyard
  • Shadow figure in the woods
  • Unknown figure followed and photographed with a thermal imaging camera
If we are lucky we will be able to catch at least some of these phenomena with our equipment. If not, it is still a beautiful and amazing place to explore.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Revisiting the Most Haunted Place in Ireland

It's official! We are returning to - in my opinion - the most haunted location in Ireland. Breaths, touches, footsteps, unseen gardeners at work, unseen carriages crunching over gravel, furniture being moved violently - Duckett's Grove has it all!!!

We're going back to Duckett's Grove!!!!!

Friday February 21st

Pictures and report to follow as soon as possible!!!!