Sunday, May 5, 2019

An Unusual Location

A few months ago the team (Cork Supernatural Society) and I booked into an unusual BnB. This beautifully restored castle seemed like the perfect location for us to do a little ghost hunting mixed in with some fun and relaxation.

The location didn’t disappoint.

We arrived in the early evening and as we pulled up in front of the castle our excitement began to rise.

Inside we found that the whole place had been restored to a very high standard while keeping to the style (and hardships) of the times.

The castle had three floors as well as a seating area on the roof. The ground floor consisted of one room with a table and chairs. The small but beautifully decorated main door dominated the little room and we decided to make our way up the stairs to check out the other floors.

Jackie and I decided we would sleep in the main bedroom. This was on the middle floor and we even had an en-suite in a little room off the bedroom and a bath in our room. The bed was a four-poster double bed and looked comfortable – this did turn out to be the case and Jackie and I managed to get some sleep here in the early hours.

The top floor held the kitchen, a seating area, another toilet and a staircase to the roof. Barrie and Matt decided to spend the night up here – they stayed up all night talking with a warm stove to keep out the night-time chill.

We began the task of getting our gear up the stairs – no easy task! We had to pull ourselves up part of the way with the help of a strong rope as the steps were too tiny to gain a good foothold. It was a bit of a struggle, but we finally got everything upstairs.

After coffee and some food, we began our investigation. Jackie and I started on the ground floor, just inside the main door. The steep staircase was partially concealed by a wall so I placed a sensor light a few steps up where we could see it if it came on.

We began calling out and after a few minutes I felt there was some movement on the stairs. The sensor light came on and stayed on for longer than it normally would, so I assumed that one of the lads had come down the stairs. I called out to them asking if they wanted me to move it. Their muffled answers came from the rooms above us and then we heard Matt coming to the top of the stairs and asking if we wanted something. They hadn’t been near the staircase.

We kept calling out but there was nothing else of note during the session, so we moved up to the top floor to join the lads.

We sat around the table and drank coffee while the wood-burning stove heated the room. We decided to try a séance. We never do things like this as a team, but we all shrugged and said, ‘why not?’

We closed our eyes and held hands. Jackie began to call out to any spirits who may have been present. She invited them to come towards the light – meaning the candlelight – but this was too much for us and we all burst out laughing.

We spent the next hour or so relaxing, laughing and chatting and just enjoying being together as a team. We did do a calling out session as the night drew on but nothing of note happened. Jackie and I decided to try to get some sleep, so we struggled our way back down the steep staircase to our welcoming bed.

We were awakened in the morning by a loud bang outside our bedroom door. We assumed it was the lads – we had heard them talking, laughing and doing more investigations during the night and we thought they were coming back upstairs and had dropped something outside our door. Jackie stuck her head out of the door, and we could hear the lads talking from upstairs. We asked them about the noise, and they said they thought it was us.

When we listened back on the audio, the sound came through loud and clear, but we were unable to find any cause for it.

On the review, Matt picked up an amazing Class A EVP from the upstairs room when we were all sitting around laughing. Have a listen and see if you can make out what it says. The recording has been slowed down from normal speed to make it a little clearer – please post suggestions in the comments as I would love to know what you hear.

I'm wondering if it's worth going downstairs again!

Our trusty rope!

The easy bit