Saturday, December 14, 2013

Private House Investigation - 1

Reported Problems
The main reason for the visit request was that the pet dog had suddenly become very uneasy and unsettled. The dog had fouled one of the bedrooms even though up until this he had been very well behaved and was fully house trained.

The owner stated that the dog was reluctant to go out into the garden at the back of the house and seemed very restless.

The owner was convinced that a previous owner's spirit was in the house and she herself felt uneasy about this. She found it difficult to sleep through the night and often thought she heard strange noises when she was there on her own.

I sat and talked to the house owner to find out exactly what was going on and how she felt about it. The dog was wandering around the kitchen as we spoke and seemed perfectly relaxed. After a cup of coffee (very important on an investigation!) I walked around the downstairs section of the house and went out into the backyard.

The dog followed me out but didn't stay outside for very long. There was a dog barking from the garden next door and I wondered if this was the reason the client's dog did not want to stay out the back on his own. Perhaps he just wanted company but knew he couldn't escape from the backyard.

I took a voice recorder and went upstairs to the bedroom where the old lady's spirit is thought to be. I spent 15 minutes calling out and asking if anyone wanted to make contact.

During this time I felt something rubbing against my leg and immediately made a note to find out if the previous owner had had a cat.

I encouraged the dog to come into the room and have a good look around. He crawled under the bed and after having sniffed everything, he left and went back downstairs.

The whole time I was in the room I was aware of a nice, calm feeling. After about 10 minutes I felt a warmth come over me and I noted this out loud for the benefit of the voice recorder.

Before I left, I reassured the client that there was a lovely feeling in the house. I told her that if there was any spirit or energy in the house it was clearly okay with her being there.

Data Analysis & Research
On my return home I replayed the 15 minutes voice recording. I was not expecting to hear anything. At the 12th minute of the recording I call out "If there is anyone here in this room, can you tell me your name please?". There is a slight pause and then a voice answers "Nora".

On questioning the client and her family I was unable to find out who "Nora" might have been.

I asked the client's sister if there had ever been a cat living in the house in the past. She said that the lady who's energy they presumed was there, had always had a cat which used to sleep in the bedroom where I had been.

I did not do enough of an investigation to be able say whether or not there is a presence in the house. From a purely physical viewpoint, I felt there was an old lady and a cat but scientifically, I have no proof so must conclude that I will have to keep an open mind.

After Effects
I met the client socially a few weeks later and she told me that the dog had settled down that night and she herself was no longer listening for creaks or odd noises at night and that she was now sleeping undisturbed.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Join us on a Ghost Hunt!

Watch our team - Echo Ghosthunters - explain the equipment we use and why we use it and then join us on a real ghost hunt!

What is a K11 meter? Where do we use trigger cams? Why do we set up Laser Arrays? Did we really get a ghost's heat signature on our Thermal Imager? Why did our Touch Pad alarm keep going off?

Find out the answers to these and other paranormal questions in this short video.

Thank you to Arty Freak Productions for accompanying us and putting together this great documentary.

Click here to view Paranormal Investigators in action!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Templenoe, Kenmare - Ruined Farmhouse

On Thursday September 5th we went to a deserted farmhouse on the outskirts of Kenmare in Co. Kerry. We had heard some strange stories about the place and couldn't wait to investigate.There were 3 of us on the investigation team.

We arrived close to our destination just before midnight and walked down the steep, rocky driveway to the house. From a distance the house looked like any normal farmhouse although it was in a poor state of repair with most of the roof missing and no glass in the windows.

We entered the house. It was very dilapidated with rubble all over the floor. There was an old settle still against one wall and an old crane for holding the cooking pot still in the fireplace.

We could not enter the sitting room area as the floor was too dangerous and the upstairs was also difficult to get to. We contented ourselves with standing on the stairs and taking a few pictures of an iron bedstead and wooden chest which were all that the bedroom contained.

We began our investigation but despite repeated call outs, we got nothing to suggest that the place is haunted even with residual energy.

We also investigated an outside shed but again we got nothing.

We will be reviewing the rest of  the equipment but like the photographs, I don't expect to get any surprises.I will upload the pictures later so that you can get a feel for the place but there is nothing paranormal in them.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hell Fire or Camp Fire?

Did the Hell Fire Club live up to its name? Although we did not have much activity in the whole building, we got some good K11 hits in the upstairs room at the back.
The EMF meter seemed to respond to questions and the readings were very strong. The responses appeared to be strongest every time I spoke so we concluded that if it was a spirit, it reacted in a positive manner to me and that I should keep trying to communicate with it.
Occasionally I had the feeling of being watched and most of us seemed to be drawn to the corner where the readings were strongest but this may have been because we were fascinated by it.
We spent the night in one of the upstairs rooms at the front of the building. It was a cold and wet night but nothing came to disturb us or make us uneasy. We had to abandon our idea of lighting a camp fire as the rain was quite heavy and we forgot to bring fire-lighters or kindling, but our camping stove, lodged in the old fireplace, cheered us up considerably
I can now say that I spent the night in the Hell Fire Club, Dublin - and lived to tell the tale.

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Paranormal Review

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Eldon Hotel 16th February 2013


The premises were originally the official stopping point for the stagecoach to Cork. The owner, Frederick Peel Eldon Potter is said to have named the place after his son Eldon.
In 1922 General Michael Collins had his last meal in the hotel dining room. Later that evening he was shot and killed in an ambush at nearby Beal na Blath.
Although still referred to as a Hotel, the Eldon has not been used as such for a number of years. The bar and function room are open but the upstairs is closed.

Paranormal Claims

A young woman or girl was killed in a fire at the hotel. Reports vary as to the age of the person but all seem to agree that it was a female.
Various people who have worked in the Eldon over the past thirty years have reported hearing noises – some say crying – coming from one of the rooms. Other people have not gone into detail, simply saying that strange things happened there all the time.
Some people have reported that the wardrobe door in Room 29 opens by itself during the night.
It is said that people staying at the hotel sometimes asked to change rooms during the night as they felt uneasy.
We were informed that Room 29 was the source of most of these claims.
Subsequently, we learned that Room 26 was the actual room in which the unnamed female died.

 The corridor on the second floor                                     Wardrobe door in Room 29
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Details of the Investigation