Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Investigation

On Friday night we will be returning to one of my favourite locations. I have investigated there twice already and each time the amount of activity was amazing.

We will be posting updates after the investigation so make sure to check out the Cork Supernatural Society Facebook Page

This investigation is for members of the public who have expressed an interest in seeing what we do. The places are booked out but if this goes well, who knows, we may just do it all again in the future.

Other Exciting News
  • On Monday night four members of the Cork Supernatural Society team took part in a photo shoot for The Daily Star Newspaper. More details to follow.
  • On Thursday morning two members of the team will be taking part in a filmed interview for a national television station's daytime broadcast. Once again, more details to follow.
We Need Your Help

We are always seeking new locations to investigate. We have helped a number of property owners to debunk their "paranormal activity".
If you have a problem in your own home or know of somewhere you think might be interesting for us to investigate, you can contact us through the Cork Supernatural Society Facebook Page.

Please Note:
All contact is kept confidential and identities are protected.

Cork Supernatural Society is a non-profit organisation.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What's been happening?

Over the last months, the team and I have scouted various locations and carried out mini investigations. We are looking forward to carrying out an investigation in Cork for Halloween. Hopefully we should have an active night as in the past, we have had some good nights at this location.

Some of the sites we have scouted seem very promising and we hope to be able to return for full investigations soon.

A few of the things we have experienced during the mini investigations are:
  • A team member's name being clearly spoken in an EVP
  • Intelligent responses to questions
  • Unexplained noises in an otherwise empty building
Some of the responses we have received lately (in EVPs) are clearly of a religious nature - part of the "Hail Mary" and references to "the naked cross".
We have noticed that we often hear things that suggest intelligent chatter about us. "Come away, they can 't see us" and "they can't see the naked cross."

As we are unable to state emphatically that these EVPs are really messages from the other side - no one knows, though everyone has their own opinion - our only option is to continue to investigate and publish any findings or so called, evidence, so that we can all make up our own minds about it.

I am looking forward to continuing my quest to answer my probably unanswerable questions.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Mini Investigation 30th July 2016

On Saturday the 30th July Cork Supernatural Society and I headed out to a location in Cork county. It was a beautiful still evening and as we walked to the location, we all remarked on the amount of stars in the sky.


We were unable to gain access to the building itself and so decided to do a brief outdoor calling out session to the rear of the property.
As we set up our equipment I seemed to get a hit on my K11 meter. This was not repeated and we were unable to ascertain a reason for the spike.

Audio Report

We held a brief session and then decided to call it a night.
I arrived home relatively early and took my audio recorder to bed with me so that I could quickly listen to the recording.
As the night had been so still - no wind or rain to hamper the recording - the sound was fairly clear.
I will need to clean up the audio a little so that I can hear everything but I am fairly sure that I heard a "yes" in reply to a question posed by a member of the team.
Later on in the recording there appears to be some whispering and twice there is a sound very like a "shush" that puts a stop to the whispering.
At the beginning of the recording there is a sound that I can not attribute to anyone there that night. It is a bit like a moan but there is an undercurrent almost like some kind of electronic sound.
Perhaps when I have a chance to listen to it properly I will have a better understanding of the various sounds.

Further Investigation

This location is well worth a further visit and I am sure that there are a lot of stories just waiting to be told, within its walls.
I could feel a lot of energy swirling about while we were calling out and hopefully, in the future, we will be able to investigate this location more fully.


More books by Kim O'Shea

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Private House Investigation - Cork

On Friday 13th May we went to investigate a private house in the city. There were five of us present from Cork Supernatural Society and four occupants in the house including the owners.

Some of the problems reported were as follows:

  • Feelings of unease in the dining area
  • Feelings of a presence around doorways - as if someone wanted to enter the room but was unable or afraid to do so
  • Unexplained noises - especially upstairs
  • Feeling of a presence in the upstairs bathroom
  • Strange unexplained behaviour of the owners' cat
We did a walk through while the owners showed us the problem areas and told us what phenomena they had encountered in each place.

We set up our equipment and when we switched on, found that the emf in the house was off the charts.

We requested that the owners switch off the Wi-Fi but this did not make any difference. After careful investigations we discovered that the emf seemed to be emitting from old light switches used throughout most of the house.

We asked that the electricity be switched off and this made the emf levels to falls immediately.

Paul - one of our investigators - advised the owners to contact an electrician to ensure that the old switches were properly earthed and the electricity supply shielded to reduce the emf in the house.

High emf levels are reported to produce various side effects although there is no scientific evidence to back this up, we as a team feel that it is our duty to inform occupants of the possible dangers.

Some of the purported side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Tiredness
  • Cancer clusters
  • Leukemia in children
After some discussion, we decided to continue with the investigation (with the electricity switched off)
We got some K11 hits in the upper back bedroom but the emf readings were not continuous as they had been when the electricity was switched on. The emf spikes seemed to be in response to our calling out but this was difficult to verify as they may have ben caused by passing mobile phone signal in the street outside.

Our sensor lights kept switching on but this was simply caused by the owners' very curious cat!

We split up into two groups and I was part of the group that investigated the dining area. There were four of us present seated around the dining room  table. A few minutes into the calling out session, a battery rolled off the table, falling to t he floor with a loud nose. We thought that this could easily have been knocked by one of us at the table so discounted this as paranormal.

Suddenly, a loud bang occurred under the table just beside me. I had been watching the cat as she was trying to switch on a sensor light in the sitting room area adjoining the dining area, so I knew that the noise was not caused by the cat.

We looked under the table and found a screen in a wooden frame lying on the floor. The owner stated that the screen had been leaning against the wall for a few months undisturbed.

We stood the screen up against the wall again and tried to get it to fall. We found that it would not move on its own, however, if something knocked against it, it would easily fall.

I was able to state categorically, that the cat had been nowhere near the screen and none of the rest of us were within reach of the screen.

I felt that this may have been paranormal as the atmosphere in the room had changed considerably in the few minutes before this happened but as a team we had to put it down to being an unexplained event with a  possible logical explanation as the room was not in regular use and perhaps someone had unknowingly brushed against the screen earlier.


  • The owners contacted us after the investigation to inform us that they had called in an electrician and he had been successful in reducing the emf emissions.
  • I picked up a couple of possible evps


  • I personally think that there may have been some paranormal activity in the house. I did feel some form of energy at times and the K11s seemed to support this. The possible evps were interesting but too faint and too indistinct to be anything other than interesting.
  • I observed the cat listening and seeming to watch something on the top landing just as I was feeling that someone was on the stairs.
  • My personal thoughts are that the high emf may have attracted some form of energy into the house. The house had a lovely peaceful feeling at all times and the overall energy in the house felt positive.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

How do you find locations to investigate?

Finding Locations

People always ask me how do I know where to investigate. The answer is simple. I don't.
I like to explore new places and am always on the lookout for possible locations. This does not mean that I do not like going back to a place. I do. This can be a source of great information. The first time I go, I know I am only taking base reading and getting the feel for the place. If I am lucky enough to be able to return, I can use that prior knowledge to delve deeper into a location's atmosphere.

What types of locations are suitable for investigating?

Any place that is safe, accessible and for which you have the necessary permissions, can make a great location. I do not shy away from a location simply because it is too new or too exposed. Even new built homes can be fascinating. A background check of the area often turns up some fascinating information.
  • What is the history of the immediate area? Could the house have been built on a graveyard, ancient cairn or other symbolic, yet long destroyed site?
  • Is there an old church, graveyard or abandoned institution nearby?
  • What stories are told about strange or unusual events in the area?
  • Was a battle fought close by?
  • Did a tragedy happen near to the site?
These are only some of the questions I ask as I build up a picture of the history of the location.

The Hell Fire Club, Dublin

So, I've found a possible location, what happens next?

The next things to consider are, can the location be reached easily? Is it accessible by road? Is it fenced off? Will I need permission to enter the location? Is it safe to enter the location? What type of equipment will work best here?

As soon as I have answered these questions satisfactorily, I can then plan the investigation.

I don't know where to start looking for locations

Some good places to start include:

  • Old abandoned buildings - houses, churches, institutions (seek permission)
  • Old graveyards (be respectful at all times and do not investigate if the graveyard is still in current use)
  • Mass rocks, stone circles, fairy rings and other places like these with a lot of stories or folklore attached to them (seek permission if necessary)
  • Private houses if the occupants request you to help them
  • Former battlefields
  • Ancient forests

There are many more, suitable places. I tend to treat everywhere as a possible location - even the local pub or butcher shop!

Abandoned farmhouse

Word of mouth

A lot of the investigations that I have attended have come about from a chance remark or a direct request from the owner or occupant of the property. On these types of investigations, the onus is on the investigator to try to debunk the claims made by the occupants.
  • Cold spots - could be just that. A current of cold air, which can easily be tracked, can often be caused by something as simple as a window not properly latched.
  • Dark shadows and feeling of being watched - can be caused by high levels of emf in the house.
  • Nausea, being ill at ease and even feelings of dread - can all be symptoms of the emf being too high.
  • Noises - even the sound of footsteps can be caused by water pipes, central heating or just the normal noises houses make at different times
Even if nothing of a paranormal nature is found at the location, it can still be a learning experience.

Look around at your local area. There are probably lots of possible locations. Why not try investigating a few of them? And if you don't feel like doing that...

Give me a call!

The former home of Edmond Shuldham

More questions

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why Paranormal Investigating?

When I tell people that I am a paranormal investigator there are a number of questions I am always asked.
I can sum up these questions as follows;
Who What Why When and Where

Who do you go ghost hunting with?
There are a lot of people like me, who enjoy trying to find answers to what seems like unanswerable questions. I am happy to go with anyone so long as they are respectful, sober, interested (either as believers or non believers,  it doesn't matter to me) and can work as a team (in the event of an emergency it is important to know that you can trust the people around you)

Myself with some of the members of Cork Supernatural Society

What is the scariest thing you have ever seen?
It's not all about seeing things. All the senses come into play.

Sight I think the scariest thing I have seen was on my first ever investigation. I saw a black explosion of energy. It didn't feel evil or anything like that. it just gave me a fright. It was as big as an average person and just exploded into the doorway beside me. Nobody else saw or felt a thing even though we were all standing together.

Hearing I have heard footsteps echoing on the stone flags in an abandoned castle from an unseen pair of boots as the energy moved around the whole team. We had all heard movement in the corridor and asked if anyone wanted to come and join us in the room. The footsteps were loud and clear as if an actual person was striding among us.

Smell Sometimes, on entering a room - even in an old ruin, I have caught a quick aroma of cigarettes, cigars or perfume. Other team members have smelt sulphur like smells or rotting smells where, in each case, the smell disappears quickly and we were unable to trace the source.

Taste Occasionally, just before the emf meters react, I have noticed a coppery taste in my mouth.

Touch I have felt touches quite a lot of times. I slipped going up a stone staircase and an unseen hand caught my elbow and steadied me. I have felt an unseen arm go around my waist to give me a quick cuddle. Children seem to love making contact. I have often felt small hands pushing at my back if I am sitting down and I once felt a small child climb onto my lap and wriggle around.

Feelings I have been overcome with sadness for absolutely no reason in a particular part of my parent's home and later found out that a young woman from the early 1900s used to be seen (in her own lifetime) crying at the same window.

The beautiful Redwood Castle

Why do you only go out at night?
Ghost do not only haunt at night but as I, and most of the teams I investigate with, work during the day it is not possible to get everyone together during the day. Also, at night there is less risk of contamination from everyday events - mobile phones ringing or affecting the emf meters, traffic, people making a nuisance of themselves etc.

When is the best time to see ghosts?
There is no "best" time to see a ghost. If this was the case, there would be no paranormal investigators as we could all just go and visit a ghost whenever we wanted!
During our own investigations, I have noticed that the most active times are when the atmosphere is calm, relaxed and happy. Perhaps our positive energy is simply drawing other positive energy from around us? I don't know. This is what compels me to keep investigating.

Where do you go?
Anywhere - within reason. I prefer old abandoned buildings but I also enjoy investigating private houses. I love hearing stories about different places and then, when I get the chance to go and investigate for myself. I can't resist!

Elizabeth Fort

Further Reading

Monday, May 16, 2016

Elizabeth Fort, Cork 9th October 2015

My first visit to this historic fort in the heart of Cork city was as exciting as I expected. The setting is beautiful with the wooden gates leading into a courtyard surrounded by the old Garda station and the walls.
As darkness fell we climbed to the walls from where we had a view of the city lights.

Section of the Old Garda Station

View of the Entrance Gate

We began our investigation in the reception room near the cells. There was nothing of any interest to report here so we moved to the upper floor. I had a feeling that someone was lurking in the corridor outside the room we were working in but our equipment did not pick up anything.

We moved to a conference room at the opposite end of the building and found an old pound note stapled to a letter. The pound note appeared to be a payment for a fine. One of the team members mentioned taking it as a souvenir. As she spoke K11s around the room lit up.

This was the first interesting thing that had happened.

We continued calling out and asking questions and seemed to be getting an intelligent response from the K11s. We concluded that it may have been a former garda who was trying to make contact.

After a while we moved to the air raid shelter set out in the courtyard near the front gate. One of the team brought the pound note and letter with her.

View from inside the Air Raid Shelter

We thought we heard movement just outside the room we were in but again, our equipment did not pick up anything unusual.

The old pound note and letter had been placed on a table in the middle of the room and two of the team suddenly reported that they thought they saw it move - the pound note seemed to lift up on one side. This may have been caused by a sudden air current although there did not seem to be any particular movement of air in the room.

View of part of the Inner Courtyard

We then made our way to the outer walls. These are accessed by stone steps leading up to a wooden walkway. From the walkway you have magnificent views of the city as well as access to where soldiers would have patrolled many years ago.

We tried calling out from one section but there was so much noise going on in the city we decided to simply have a break and enjoy the beautiful night.

I did feel that there was someone up on the walls with us but our equipment did not support this.

One of the many exhibits around the grounds

The steps leading to the walls

We returned to the conference room and placed the pound note and letter back where we had found them. The other team members decided to explore the attic but I did not feel I could climb up there so opted to remain in the conference room on my own.

I started calling out and asking if there was anyone with me. I had switched on my audio recorder and began to ask various questions. Later when I played back the audio, I found that my questions were being answered and that I had not been alone at all.




The rest of the team returned and we began to call out again. One of the team suggested getting out the pound note again and we did this, using it as a focus for our calling out.

Once again, at the mention of taking the money away and also at the mention of removing files (non existent files), the K11s all lit up. We were able to carry on a seemingly intelligent conversation using the K11s.

My conclusions: I think there is some energy around the fort. In the building itself I feel that this is not a particularly old energy but up on the walls there is a much older feeling.

To date I still have not gone through all of the audio from that night but if I come across anything else unusual I will post it here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Interview with "She Who Wants to Know" - Paranormal Investigator

There are many Paranormal Investigators throughout the world seeking answers to some of our greatest mysteries. "She Who Wants to Know" is one such incredible person.

I recently asked her a few questions about her activities. Read on to find out about her and if you enjoy the interview please visit her fantastic blog "She Who Wants to Know" and listen to some amazing EVPs on her YouTube channel

At the end of the article you can find out how to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, her Blog and her YouTube channel.

How long have you been a paranormal investigator? 6 Years

What is the name of the team you work with? I don’t have a team, I do solo but I go by “She Who Wants To Know”

What country do you work from? Wales, United Kingdom.

How did you become a paranormal investigator? I have always been interested in the paranormal since I was a child, but I set out to actually de-bunk EVP’s. I didn’t believe they existed so in fact I wanted to prove that these TV shows were really for entertainment only, It took me 6 months to get my very first EVP (That of a laughing child) and since then my views have changed, now I travel around my local area looking as to why or what makes a place haunted.

When did you first become aware of the paranormal and why? This is just something I have always had an interest in, even before I really knew the meaning of what a “ghost” was. Can’t really explain why, but it comes deep within myself.

What is the most haunted place you have ever visited? It has to be Caerphilly Castle in South Wales, I was conducting an investigation there and the readings went sky high if I mentioned the castle was being attacked, gathered many EVP’s and had a stone thrown in my direction!

What supposed haunted place would you like to visit? My all time goal is to visit Alcatraz Prison.

Have you had any personal experiences? I’ve had quite a few but if I were to pick my very best one.. It would be the time I went to Dan Yr Ogof Caves in Wales, This was just a regular day out, nothing paranormal intended, Me and a couple of friends went into the first cave and as we approached the middle of the cave near what they called “The Angel Wings” I randomly turned around to look behind me, I saw what appeared to be a man dressed in a dark jumpsuit along with a white helmet with a large torch on the front run with his hands above his head as though the cave as going to collapse, I followed him with my eyes and when I blinked, he vanished.

Is there any place that you feel is too dangerous to be investigated and if so, why? No place is too dangerous as long as you go there protected and be respectful.

What do your friends and family think about your interest in the paranormal? They know I have an interest but they have no idea I actually go out investigating the paranormal, the only one who really knows is my partner and he is a complete skeptic which to me… Emphasises the fact that if I catch an EVP he can confirm it.

What advice would you give to first time investigators? TAKE YOUR TIME! And do your research on the different techniques on how to conduct a paranormal investigation, be aware of your surroundings and always seek permission if you’re going to go into a place that isn’t public.

Don't forget! If you’ve enjoyed reading this interview and would like to know more about the experiences and investigations just click the links below to follow "She Who Wants to Know"

Twitter (@SheWhoWants)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Another Giveaway!!! Another Chance to Win!!!

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Irish Paranormal Haunts
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Irish Paranormal Haunts by Kim O'Shea

Irish Paranormal Haunts

by Kim O'Shea

Giveaway ends March 15, 2016.

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Living With Spirits

Do you ever wonder if there are spirits around you? Do you ever shiver and think "someone's walked over my grave"? How would you know if you were sharing your life with unseen visitors?

There are a few telltale signs that there might suggest that there is some paranormal energy around you:

  • Hearing unexplained noises
  • Finding that things are not in their usual place
  • Your pets seem to follow someone or something unseen around the room
  • Feelings of being touched
Always remember that houses can creak and groan due to natural events such as wind, temperature and pressure changes. Also, if you are alone especially at night, noises always sound louder and creepier leading to the assumption that they are paranormal. 
However, noises that can not be attributed to natural sources can be assumed to be paranormal. For example, I often hear someone shuffling through papers in the dining room but when I go to investigate there is nothing out of place and both my dog and cat are asleep in the sitting room.

I once heard a very loud bang beside my chair as if a heavy object like a piece of furniture had fallen over but there was nothing to fall over. Both my dog and cat jumped and I had to calm them down as they were very unsettled by it. 

Misplaced Items
We can all make mistakes and sometimes we do. There are times however, when we know that we are not imagining that the item in question had indeed moved. Even at these times we can doubt ourselves and pass it off as imagination but if it happens often enough we see a pattern and recognize that something strange is actually going on. 
For weeks I kept finding the back door key in the lock even though I am very careful to remove it and place it in a safe place every time I use it. This happened so often that I began to think I was losing my mind. I finally realized that something strange was going on when I accidentally grazed my finger as I put the key back in its hiding place. A few minutes later the key was back in the lock but my grazed finger proved that I had removed it.
I used to keep a bucket for food waste on the floor beside the cooker in the kitchen. Several times I almost tripped over it as it was moved out of its place and into the middle of the floor. I thought my cat was somehow moving it and just kept replacing it to its normal spot. Then, one evening I left the kitchen, the bucket was in its proper place. I closed and bolted the kitchen door so that my cat couldn't get into the kitchen and then remembered that I had left my coffee on the kitchen counter. I opened the door and found my way blocked by the bucket.

A lot of people believe that pets can sense paranormal presences. We have to remind ourselves that pets have much better defined senses than most humans. My dog often wakes up and barks at a spider running up a wall. Did he hear it? Or did he just wake up and see it? I have no idea but I do know that my cat hears mice underground and can see a bird high up in a tree even when it is half hidden by leaves. 
There are times however when there is little doubt that they are seeing something that I can't see. 
Often they will both sit up and follow something unseen moving about the room. Sometimes my dog wags his tail and quite often my cat gets up and follows something - I can see that her eyes are focused on whatever it is she is following. 
At other times she goes and sits beside my unlit stove on her own in the other room. I didn't take much notice until I realized that years ago when I bought the house the furniture had been left behind by the previous owner who was a cat lover and there had been an armchair right beside where my cat now sits. When the stove is not lit it is not the warmest part of the room and my cat loves heat so I can only assume that something draws her to that spot. 

People sometimes feel a creeping feeling on their skin or even a feeling that someone has touched them even though they may be on their own at the time. Our skin is a remarkable organ and is very sensitive. An unseen current of cold air can produce feelings of creeping and a slight muscle spasm can feel like a light touch. 
Most of the paranormal activity in my home takes place in the kitchen which is surprising as this used to be the site of an old shed rather than the house itself. 
Quite often I stand looking out of my kitchen window and feel a light slap on the back of my head. I assume that I am standing in the way of the long gone entrance to the shed so I simply move. 

Other Signs
There are other things that indicate that you may be sharing your home with spirits these are just some of the ways that I have noticed over the years. 
Feel free to comment any interactions that you may have had as the more we share, the more we can learn from one another.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Do Ghosts Only Haunt at Night?

Most ghost hunting takes place at night for a variety of reasons.

  • Most people work during the day and it is more convenient to hunt at night.
  • The night time tends to be quieter as there are usually fewer people around to contaminate the scene.
  • The ghost hunter's senses may be heightened by the darkness.
  • Indoor locations may be open to the public during the day - pubs, shops, offices etc. and it may suit the owners to allow access only at night.
Ask any person who feels they are being haunted and they will tell you that they have the same feelings during the day as they do at night. Perhaps at night, imaginations tend to run away with themselves and every sound and every shadow is seen as sinister. However, many people report paranormal events taking place during the hours of daylight. 

Many years ago I saw a full bodied apparition of a woman suddenly appear beside me, weeping silently as she looked at of the window. It was early afternoon on a bright sunny day.

If ghosts are, as I believe, the energy of dead people, then it follows that they could have the same characteristics and personalities as they had when they were alive. 
  • Shy or introverted
  • Bold and confident
  • Gentle and kind
  • Rough and uncaring
There are many other combinations too numerous to mention but they illustrate that each ghost can be very different form the next. 

Perhaps some ghosts prefer the darkness or shadows and only try to interact when they are sure that they will remain hidden. Others perhaps, like to come out of the shadows to announce themselves in a grandiose fashion.

None of these mean that ghosts only appear at night. Even shy, introverted people come out of the shadows if they need help so why not ghosts?

Quite often during the day when I am at home I will hear shuffling and movement in the other room. Sometimes my dog and cat both follow the progress of an unseen energy moving about the house. They sit up side by side and follow something with their eyes. 

In answer to my question, do ghosts only haunt at night? I can emphatically say, No! Ghosts can be seen, heard or felt at any time not just at night.

For further tales of the paranormal things I've sensed and seen please refer to my books Irish Paranormal Haunts and True Stories from the Darkside

A selection of useful books for would be Ghost Hunters:
Hunting Ghosts: A Paranormal Investigator's Guide
Ghost Hunting: A Survivor's Guide
Ghost Hunting Guide

Other articles from this blog
Becoming a Ghost Hunter FAQ

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Resources for Ghosthunters

Destinations - Search your local area for possible locations. Ask questions - Local knowledge can be a rich resource.
Local libraries can have some great information. Talk to the librarian to get the most from this valuable resource.
Google search and Google maps are both invaluable. Check out some of these sites:




There are many more fantastic sites for haunted locations throughout the world - feel free to add your favorite in the comments.

Books are another great resource. Here are a few of my favorites - again, feel free to add yours in the comments.

Haunted: 50 Terrifying Locations in the United States 

True Ghost Stories: Haunted Houses, Creepy Paranormal Accounts And Scary True Ghost Stories That Will Chill You To The Bone - Real True Ghost Stories (True ... And Hauntings,True Paranormal Hauntings) 

Haunted Asylums: Chilling Cases Of Deserted Psych Wards, Haunted Asylums, Spooky Graveyards And True Ghost Stories (Haunted Asylums Series) 

Haunted: A Guide to Paranormal Ireland 

Haunted Places: Chilling Paranormal and Supernatural Ghost Stories from Around the World

When you have your locations sorted the next thing you need to do is get out there and start investigating!