Sunday, August 19, 2012

Timoleague Friary 23rd June 2012

After a long day of non stop rain the evening dried up and we headed out to this mostly open air investigation. 

We got a photograph with a weird mist on it but even though the pictures taken a few seconds before and a few seconds after did not have this, we thought it was probably just a reflection from the flash.

We decided to start calling out in the centre of the building - near where we had taken the strange photograph. As soon as we started we got a lot of drips falling on us from time to time even though the rain had cleared and there was nothing overhead but open sky. 

I saw some tiny sparks of light on a wall and soem of the other investigators saw them as well. We tried to recreate them but were unable to debunk them. They were a feature of the evening and we kept seeing them wherever we went. 

One of the investigators was holding an ultraviolet torch and asked if any spirits present found this annoying. She suddenly dropped the torch, gasping that had become very cold. We all touched it and to my surprise it was actually sticky to the touch as if it had been in a freezer.

We did not take a temperature reading so can not verify this.

We moved to another area of the building and although I felt there was someone near we did not get anything definite. The investigator with the camera moved into another room beside us  and suddenly we heard a sound like a chime. There were safety railings over the windows and it sounded like a stone had hit these. 

We checked outside but there was no one around. We then tried to recreate the sound and found the only thing close to it was the noise made when we hit the railings with a stone.

Photographs and video from this investigation, including footage containing the chime sound, can be found here

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