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The Eldon Hotel 16th February 2013


The premises were originally the official stopping point for the stagecoach to Cork. The owner, Frederick Peel Eldon Potter is said to have named the place after his son Eldon.
In 1922 General Michael Collins had his last meal in the hotel dining room. Later that evening he was shot and killed in an ambush at nearby Beal na Blath.
Although still referred to as a Hotel, the Eldon has not been used as such for a number of years. The bar and function room are open but the upstairs is closed.

Paranormal Claims

A young woman or girl was killed in a fire at the hotel. Reports vary as to the age of the person but all seem to agree that it was a female.
Various people who have worked in the Eldon over the past thirty years have reported hearing noises – some say crying – coming from one of the rooms. Other people have not gone into detail, simply saying that strange things happened there all the time.
Some people have reported that the wardrobe door in Room 29 opens by itself during the night.
It is said that people staying at the hotel sometimes asked to change rooms during the night as they felt uneasy.
We were informed that Room 29 was the source of most of these claims.
Subsequently, we learned that Room 26 was the actual room in which the unnamed female died.

 The corridor on the second floor                                     Wardrobe door in Room 29
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Details of the Investigation

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