Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hell Fire or Camp Fire?

Did the Hell Fire Club live up to its name? Although we did not have much activity in the whole building, we got some good K11 hits in the upstairs room at the back.
The EMF meter seemed to respond to questions and the readings were very strong. The responses appeared to be strongest every time I spoke so we concluded that if it was a spirit, it reacted in a positive manner to me and that I should keep trying to communicate with it.
Occasionally I had the feeling of being watched and most of us seemed to be drawn to the corner where the readings were strongest but this may have been because we were fascinated by it.
We spent the night in one of the upstairs rooms at the front of the building. It was a cold and wet night but nothing came to disturb us or make us uneasy. We had to abandon our idea of lighting a camp fire as the rain was quite heavy and we forgot to bring fire-lighters or kindling, but our camping stove, lodged in the old fireplace, cheered us up considerably
I can now say that I spent the night in the Hell Fire Club, Dublin - and lived to tell the tale.

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