Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Countdown is on!!!

One more sleep until our latest investigation at Duckett's Grove, Co Carlow! Really looking forward to this one. The last time I was there strange stuff was going on all the time so hopefully it will be active this time too.

Built in 1830 by William Duckett in a Castellated Gothic style with many towers and turrets. It was destroyed by fire in 1933.  In 2007 it was officially opened as a public park.

Previously Documented Phenomena
  • Footsteps heard in the kitchen area of the castle
  • Shuffling sounds in corridors
  • Tiny twinkling lights in a corridor
  • Digging sounds in the garden
  • Hooves and carriage wheels crunching on gravel near the woods - only grass and hard-packed dirt paths here now
  • Feelings of being touched
  • Singing in the kitchen area of the castle
  • Furniture being violently moved in the little room on the first floor in the courtyard
  • Shadow figure in the woods
  • Unknown figure followed and photographed with a thermal imaging camera
If we are lucky we will be able to catch at least some of these phenomena with our equipment. If not, it is still a beautiful and amazing place to explore.

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