Sunday, June 8, 2014

Becoming a Ghost Hunter FAQ

You've read the books, listened to the stories and heard things going bump in the night, so what happens next? How do you become a Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator?

Q. Is it expensive to become an investigator?
A. It depends on how you intend to operate. If you simply want to follow your instincts and feelings then all you need is a way to get to the location. If however, you want to collect data and record your findings so that you can analyze the results later, you will need to invest in some equipment. You can start with the basics and build up your collection as you go.
A K11 meter, thermometer and some form of digital audio recorder cover most of the basics that will get you started. Later you can add a full spectrum camera, night vision camcorder, trigger camera and other items like a thermal imaging camera, laser array and anything else you feel would help you in your research.

Q. How will I find locations?
A. Start local. Ask friends and family if they have any strange stories about local places or if they know anyone who has experienced something they couldn't explain. Talk to everyone. You can also research historic building or ruins near you. Find out if you need permission to enter these and if anyone has any tales about them. As you gain experience and become known people will happily talk to you about possible locations.

Q. Is it safe to investigate alone?
A. I would never recommend investigating alone. Some of the locations can be dangerous and accidents can happen. It is always safer to have other people with you. Even simply hearing or seeing something unexpected may frighten you and you could lose balance or stumble in the dark.

Q. Is it true that mobile phones can distort findings and that they should not be brought into the location.
A. Always bring your mobile phone with you. In the event of an accident you need to be able to get help quickly. It is true that K11 meters are affected by mobile phone signals but you can switch off the phone. If you need to have your phone switched on, do not put it on silent and if the K11 meters are showing a lot of activity, monitor the phone and check if it is going in and out of coverage as this too will affect the readings.

Q. How do I know if something is paranormal?
A. Always work on the assumption that everything is normal. Try to debunk everything. Recreate the scene or setting to see if you can find a normal explanation. Rule out contamination by yourself, other investigators, animals, weather or any other relevant sources. If you can rule out all of these then what you are left with might be paranormal.

The most important things to remember are to take safety precautions, never go out alone, have a charged mobile phone with you and only enter property where it is permitted to do so.

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Happy Hunting!

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