Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Elizabeth Fort

I was recently invited to take part in an investigation of a site in Cork city called Elizabeth Fort.

Elizabeth Fort was built in the seventeenth century on high ground outside the original city walls. As the city grew, it gradually encompassed the fort. The fort has been used as a military barracks, a prison and a Garda (Police) station.

The fort was devastated by a fire in 1922 and the current building was rebuilt and used as a Garda station until 2013.

We began the investigation in the old Garda station on the ground floor. We moved to a small office upstairs and then from there into a conference room. We got a few K11 hits in this room and the activity seemed to revolve around an old Irish pound note (Punt) that we found behind a storage cupboard in this room. 

The activity on the K11 seemed to suggest that we should put the note back where we found it.
We took the note out of the room and down into the old WW2 air raid shelter just inside the gates.

Two of the team thought they saw the note move on its own, seeming to curl up briefly and then lay flat on the surface where it had been placed. We were unable to verify this.

We left this area and went out to the walls. There is a large open space at the top and as we sat here calling out, I thought I heard the name Charles in reply to our asking for a name. I have not yet listened to the audio from this area but I don't expect to find anything there and will probably have to put this down to my imagination. 

We went to another open space on the walls and got some strong K11 hits but were able to verify that these were caused by a large exterior light over part of the area.

We returned to the conference room in the former Garda station to replace the note there. The rest of the team wanted to explore a part of the attic and I said I would sit in the conference room alone until they came back. I was alone in the room for about ten minutes. During this time I did not hear a sound until the rest of the team made their way back towards the room. 

I spent this alone time calling out and asking questions. When the team came back they asked if I was okay and I replied that I was fine and had been sitting there happily talking to myself.

On review of the audio I heard some unexplained noises that seemed to be in some form of response to my questions. There are no clear answers but I could not account for the noises.

You can listen for yourself! 

We then began our final part of the investigation. The old pound note was replaced but for a while we didn't receive any response to our calling out. We retrieved the pound note again and as soon as we did the K11s lit up. One of the team mentioned finding some old papers in the attic and as she spoke the K11s lit up once more. 

We continued to get a reaction that seemed to be a response to our questions. 

I am looking forward to going through the audio from this room and if I find anything of interest I will post it here on this blog.

I would like to say thank you to Cork Supernatural Society for inviting me to join them and also to the caretakers of Elizabeth Fort including Gillian who looked after us so well.

The fort walls are open every day to the public and the views across the city can only be described as spectacular. If you are visiting Cork city I would highly recommend this FREE historical location!

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