Sunday, May 21, 2017

A visit to the Asylum

This abandoned asylum has a long and terrifying history. I recently visited the oldest part of this massive complex, built in the early 1800s. The building is in very bad condition and slowly falling into decay, rotting from the inside out.

There is little left to attest to its horrible history but tales abound and the eeriness of the place adds to the awful atmosphere.

The whole complex is connected by tunnels and it is considered to be the longest building in Ireland.

Some of the procedures carried out here included lobotomies and a circulating chair - designed to rotate up to sixty times a minute to ensure the docility of the patient.
It was said that screams could be heard from the asylum at all hours of the day and night.

The Investigation

We made our way to the top floor and set up the equipment. We decided to split up so myself and another investigator made our way to the floor below.

We both felt the presence of energy here. There were shadows moving just outside in the corridor but despite our best efforts, we were unable to document any evidence.

We were in a small room and I noted that the atmosphere was quite heavy. I noticed that the shadows by the door were growing lighter and darker. The other investigator mentioned the same thing to me.

During our calling-out session, the shadows moved closer to the door but seemed to be hovering just outside.
We attempted a live evp (electronic voice phenomenon) session to see if we could make contact with anyone but this did not produce any results.

We agreed that the energy felt low to the ground and was possibly that of a female child. I also felt that there was an older man with her.

At one point I asked the little girl to go and scare the other investigators on the upper floor.

When we all met to change floors, the other investigators said that they had picked up a child's voice, possibly a girl, through their spirit box.

We also noted a strange light anomaly above our heads. A light seemed to move in a strange sweeping movement and we were unable to account for it. The light zig-zagged back and forth and then disappeared.

When I went to the top floor the atmosphere changed again and I felt absolutely nothing here.

We saved the ground floor for last. As we stood around, setting up gear and getting ready, I felt very uneasy. I took a few pictures and caught a few orbs but assume that they were insects or dust stirred up by ourselves as we moved around the building.

I moved closer to the other team members and fought a feeling of panic. I have no idea why I was so spooked but I really did not feel comfortable there.

On listening back to the audio recordings from this floor, I found that I picked up a couple of voices but I will double check with the rest of the team to rule them out. From listening to the recording, I am almost certain that we are all accounted for but ...

Unexplained symptoms

Earlier that evening, while I was on the top floor I also felt a sudden intense pain in the right side of my head and thought I was going to faint. It passed quickly and I thought nothing of it at the time. Later that night, in bed, I suddenly got an attack of possibly, tinnitus pulsatile. I had a loud drumming in my right ear like an extremely fast heartbeat - I checked my pulse to make sure I wasn't having a heart attack. The sound was unbearable and in desperation I googled it. The advice was to cup the offending ear to help reduce the airflow and stop the eardrum vibrating (or something). I did this and it worked but I had to fall asleep holding my ear.

For the next few days, my ear was fine. Putting it down to some unidentified stress or illness, I forgot about it.

Until I began listening to the audio from the Asylum.

My earphones are broken and only the left one was working so I listened with only one ear bud in (the left one). I was almost finished the review when my right ear began to drum really fast again. The noise was unbearable and made me feel sick. The only way I could stop it was to hold my hand over my ear for about twenty minutes.

My rational brain is telling me that it is just a coincidence but it will be a while before I try to listen to the end of the recording!

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