Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Orbs, Paranormal or Not?

Every time I go out on an investigation I come back with lots of pictures with anomalies in them. Most of these anomalies are orbs. So have I made contact with the other side? Are spirits trying to communicate with me?

These lights (above) were photographed at Carriganass Castle in Co Cork. There were no lights coming from this area at the time and I couldn't see anything that would reflect light back to me. However, as it was taken outside in the open air, I am fairly sure that these were insects flying around at the time.

These anomalies are definitely raindrops reflecting my camera flash. The night was extremely wet and it was pouring with rain at the time I took this. (Kilcrea Castle, Co Cork)

We photographed a lot of orbs in this mill. There are a lot of strange things going on here - voices, footsteps, laughing, children appearing in one of the rooms. The orbs seemed to be following us around that night but once again, it was probably just dust.
My mind is open on this one though, as there is a lot of energy here and perhaps not all of the orbs were dust that night ... (Russagh Mill, Co Cork)

This strange picture was taken outside an old graveyard. We did not notice any mist but as it was taken fairly close to the sea, we can not rule out that a sea mist crept up on us unnoticed. We did not have this strange effect in any of the photographs taken either directly before or directly after it but I can not rule out the mist theory.
This graveyard really gives me the creeps and I would never go there on my own! I used to go there every day in the daytime to check on my horses in the field beside it but I always felt uncomfortable there - I never take any notice of any other graveyards either on my own or with others.

So, before we get too excited about orbs and other anomalies, remember that there is usually a simple explanation for them - dust, moisture, insects, reflections.

But occasionally, we might just come across an unexplained one ...

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  1. Hello!
    Actually, some of these bright "dots" are not dust.
    In my research on what comes to be these "orbs", I came up to your blog.
    I have here a video, taken at the end of last year, with some "orbs" in action.
    And in my opinion, from what I can see here, they are alive, with conscious movements.
    The scenes were picked up by security cameras.
    But, although more than one person took turns, observing the scenes that unfolded on the monitors, through the images captured by the cameras, only one reported the appearance of the "orbs", to this day, as far as I know. Probably this person has some "sensitivity" and is not aware of it. Why have not others seen? Maybe they saw it, but it did not matter.
    The area in which these beings were observed is a restricted area of ​​security. It was filmed at dawn, where most of those present were sleeping in their lodgings.
    In fact, one of the scenes is in the lobby, next to one of the lodgings.
    At first glance, looking at the monitor you can not see anything.
    But when we look at the glazing that partially closes the entrance, there they are. In the open doorway, you can not see anything, only visible on the windowpane at first.
    Some are still while others move. They sparkle or flicker. You can see when one of them walks through the door of the room, while some of them flicker in the door. Are they feeding on the energy of those who sleep there? Were these orbs related to "sleep paralysis"?
    Interesting that no one is seen in the hallway doorway, they are only visible on the windowpane. Except those from the door of the accommodation and one or two that flicker very weak near an object fixed to the side of the wall that separates the lobby from the housing. Some are very weak and it is difficult to distinguish them.
    The image on the monitor was filmed with a mobile phone, so it is likely there were others besides those captured on the set.
    but before we see the images of the lobby, we first look at the image taken in another room, far from the spot the observer. this distant room is in a restricted place the entrance of some people, besides what was already at dawn and everything because it was locked.
    the question that the first image seen, was that at first it seemed like a little light moving back and forth, from corner to corner in the room. it was not a random move. and, detail, was not alone, but they were two, clinging together and did not sparkle like others in the room and were more charged with energy.
    Apparently she felt herself being watched, for she stopped the motion, stopping in the middle of the sla, as if she were back, through the camera in the room. it is clear that it has a "presence" there, not just a simple "orb" or as some say, "elemental." Slowly they resumed the back and forth movement, but in a shorter way. Did they feel uncomfortable?
    In the room in question, there are others, which sparkle slowly. What we can observe is that they behave like the "lights" in the sky.
    But in any case what they do there.
    those that move together in the room, glued together. Were they having a relationship? Was a new "orb" being born? would they be exchanging energy or feeding?
    Were they spirits who were already in this place when alive in the flesh?
    I think that's it for the moment ...
    But it seems that you do not see many "orbs" in cemeteries, because they probably go to their favorite places or to places where questions remain to be solved in life. Of course, in the case of being spirits of people who left, as some scholars think, and also some lay people ...

    "I only know that I know nothing"