Sunday, June 17, 2018

Checking out locations

Three of the team decided to take a tour of the West Cork area looking for possible locations for future investigation. We did a few mini sessions in  some of the places but mostly, we were interested in just having a look around.

Coppinger's Court

We began our tour at this beautiful, abandoned manor house. The weather was perfect and we were able to walk around and explore the whole place.

The owner called down to check on his cattle and shared some of the purported history of the place.

Walter Coppinger, the man who commissioned the house to be built for him and his family, was said to have a wicked temper. One of the stories about him tells of how he had to go to court to fight to keep the house. On leaving the house in the morning, he told his wife that if he wasn't home by a certain time, she was to set fire to the house as it would mean that he had lost possession of the place and he didn't want his enemies to get hold of it.

Legend has it that he won the case but decided to celebrate on his way home. Losing track of time, he continued drinking far past the allotted time. On approaching the nearby village he saw a bright light in the sky and when he finally arrived home, he found that his wife had kept her promise and had set fire to the house.

Another legend along the same lines is that a maid servant's brother was due to be hanged in the hanging room in the building the very next day but she set fire to the house while Walter was away so that her brother could not be hanged. Walter Coppinger never returned to the house so her brother's life was spared.

A full history of the life of Walter Coppinger - with some of these legends included at the end - is being written by a friend of mine and fellow Pararnormal Investigator, Barrie Jordan. This book will be released later this year and is much anticipated by both locals and strangers alike.

Follow Barrie's blog on Facebook here for loads of paranormal news and views.

During our brief time here, I felt pressure on the top of my head and a sharp pain in my right eye and ear. I also felt light-headed and dizzy. This only happened in one small area of the building and when I moved away from this area the pain and pressure disappeared. I also noticed that I felt that I should not speak when I was in this area. It was almost as if I had been told to be quiet. The other team members mentioned that they too, had briefly felt a pressure in their head in this area. We will review our audio and if there is anything of note found, I will update accordingly.

Drombeg Stone Circle and Abandoned Church at Glandore

We moved on to Glandore and found a couple of gems. Drombeg is well worth a visit and the history is fascinating. To this day, druids use the circle to celebrate the changing seasons.

Castledonovan Castle

We moved on to Castledonovan castle. This imposing castle has recently been renovated but unfortunately, as we arrived so late, it had been locked up for the night. We were able to see one of the lower rooms through the gate but were unable to enter this time.

This is another place I would recommend for a visit during the day. The views from the upper levels must be spectacular as the castle stands on a high promontory and overlooks the surrounding countryside.

Kilcoe Abandoned Church

Tucked away in a beautiful setting close to the sea, this mostly abandoned graveyard and church is another hidden gem.

The church has recently been cleared out and this was my first time being able to admire this beautiful medieval building properly. A large altar table rests under the large window at the top of the church and on the low widow sills, cup-shaped hollows remain - perhaps they once held holy water.

The gentle sounds of the sea in the distance add to the allure of this pretty place and although I have always felt uneasy here in the past, this time I felt nothing but peace.

On listening to the audio taken in the church I heard what sounds like a chuckle and a growl as I say we are leaving to go and look around the graveyard. This may have simply been an animal, unnoticed by us at the time but to me, it sounds too deep.

The rest of the team will review the audio and if this is something of significance, I will update as necessary.


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