Monday, April 5, 2021

Thoughts about an old friend

 We all know how hard it is to stick to the lockdown laws but finally, with the vaccination programmes progressing albeit slowly, it looks like we may finally, be turning a corner.

There are so many places all over Ireland just waiting to be explored. All of the team have kept busy virtually hunting out these locations so that we can get back out on the road as son as we get the go -ahead.

I have been to many amazing places - from Leap Castle where I believe my father reached out to me from beyond the grave, to Ballinacarriga Castle where the spirit of a man called Stephen waits forever on the top floor.

'Stephen' has haunted me for along time. Not like a ghostly haunting but in my thoughts a lot. Who was he? Where was he from? What age did he die? 

I don't even know if that is his name. The name comes to me whenever I go to the top floor but I can't say for sure that it is really his name.

He has the power to make emf meters light up around the room when asked and I have heard his footsteps several times, shuffling though the loose stones on the floor.

I have searched for records of a Stephen who may have lived or worked in Ballinacarriga during the fifties or sixties - as that is when I believe he died - but I have never come across any information about him. I think he died in or near the castle. Perhaps he took his own life? He seems a gentle soul and his energy feels warm and refreshing. 

I would love to find out anything at all about this man. This would validate the thoughts and feeling I have when I am in the castle. 

I am not a medium but sometimes strong feelings come to me and I would really like to know if these are simply my imagination or if they are something else entirely.

For now, I will be content to keep believing that my friend Stephen is still waiting for me to come and visit him when this lockdown finally ends.

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