Saturday, January 25, 2014

Touched by a Ghost?

What are ghosts? Are they, as I believe, simply a form of energy? If so, how can people feel as if they have been touched?

A lot more research is needed before I can even attempt to answer these questions, the only thing I know for sure is that "energy" or ghosts or spirits - call it what you want, can actually reach out and make physical contact.

The first time I felt an unseen touch was during an investigation in the abandoned Magdalene Laundry in Cork. We were on the upper floor in the dormitory area and I clearly felt someone tapping on my toes! The next time we were there I felt an arm encircle my waist. I thought one of the other investigators had bumped into me by mistake in the dark but when I flicked on my torch no one was near enough to me.

I asked the question anyway, just in case, but they all denied touching me.

For the next thirty minutes or so I kept feeling someone rubbing my belly. It only stopped when we moved down to the floor below.

 At an investigation in Duckett's Grove in Carlow, I felt a tug on my hair. Two of the other investigators had a similar experience and when the thermal imaging camera was aimed at their heads, cold spots showed up on both of them exactly where they said they had been touched.

Another night in an old derelict castle, I stumbled going up the stone staircase. A hand reached out and steadied me and I I turned to thank the person behind me only to find that he was six steps below me and couldn't have reached my arm.

I swung my torch to check if I'd touched the wall and mistaken it for a hand, but the wall was beyond my reach even when I stretched my elbow out towards it.

Recently during a private investigation I clearly felt a cat rubbing against my legs but there was no cat in the house. I found out later that the lady that used to live there always had a cat or two.

Quite often when I am in my kitchen I stand looking at the window with a cup of coffee. I usually feel a quick slap to the back of my head to get me to move out of the way. I couldn't figure this out for ages until it dawned on me that my kitchen is built on the site of the previous owner's shed and I am no doubt standing in her way!

People often ask me if I get spooked on investigations but the answer is, I am completely fascinated by this strange energy and am longing to one day know the truth......

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