Saturday, January 18, 2014

Unexplained Sounds

When ghost hunting I have often heard things that don’t seem to make sense. I know our ears can play tricks on us especially in the dark but by using equipment to document the investigations, it is easy to check back and see if the noise was real or not. 

All serious investigators in Paranormal Ireland use recording equipment to document such events.

Sounds – Footsteps, knocking, moans and loud bangs are the most common sounds I have heard. A lot of the noises can be debunked afterwards. Using recording equipment – either standalone or on the video - helps greatly in identifying the cause of unusual noises when reviewing the investigation. 

Some noises are not that easily explained. 

1.      Footsteps were heard by the whole team in the castle part of the Duckett’s Grove investigation. After hearing noises in the corridor, we called out, inviting whoever was out there to enter the room with us. We all clearly heard what sounded like footsteps walking around us on the stone floor. 

2.       Again at Duckett’s Grove, we all heard the crunching of gravel underfoot while we were out in the wooded area – there was no gravel on the path, it was a hard-packed dirt track.

3.       While on an investigation in an old graveyard, I and another member of the team heard soft moans coming from just outside the graveyard walls. The walls were low and we could see through the trees behind and into a field. We used a thermal imager to check if there was any heat source in the field but there was no indication of anything there at the time. We agreed that the moans sounded female and were very brief – just a high-pitched “huh” sound. 

4.       During an investigation in an old converted mill, I and three other members of the team heard footsteps coming up the stairs just outside the door of the room we were investigating. We thought it was the other team member and waited for him to enter the room. The footsteps stopped just outside the door and one of the team went to check what was going on. There was no-one there. The other team member was downstairs and at the other end of the large building. 

5.       EVPs or electronic voice phenomena - sounds caught on a recording device but not heard by team members at the time of the investigation – are another source of unexplained noises. The name “Nora” found on my voice recorder after a private investigation remains unexplained. I felt a kind of energy in the room and called out asking for a name. I heard nothing at the time and finished up the investigation thinking it had not been very eventful until I reviewed the recorder. I have no idea who “Nora” is as no-one seems to know any “Nora” with a connection to that house. However, my grandmother’s name was Nora.......

There have been many more instances of unexplained sounds and I now enjoy the anticipation of wondering just what I will find when I review my equipment.

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