Saturday, November 7, 2015

Back to The Hunting Lodge! November 6th 2015

On listening to the evps from last week's investigation, we all agreed that someone was asking us for help.

We were all upset and wondering what we could do. The former occupiers of the Lodge contacted us and said that they were feeling as distressed as we were.

They invited us to go back and use our equipment while they attempted to help this trapped soul.

I had never attended an event like this and was eager to both help trapped souls if possible and also to further my education and knowledge on this subject.

I was unsure of my feelings about the process but to my surprise I honestly believe that we achieved what we set out to do.

I will write up a full report when I have had time to study the information collected on the night.

It was a very eventful and deeply satisfying experience and one I would be happy to repeat if required, in the future.

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