Saturday, January 30, 2016

Resources for Ghosthunters

Destinations - Search your local area for possible locations. Ask questions - Local knowledge can be a rich resource.
Local libraries can have some great information. Talk to the librarian to get the most from this valuable resource.
Google search and Google maps are both invaluable. Check out some of these sites:




There are many more fantastic sites for haunted locations throughout the world - feel free to add your favorite in the comments.

Books are another great resource. Here are a few of my favorites - again, feel free to add yours in the comments.

Haunted: 50 Terrifying Locations in the United States 

True Ghost Stories: Haunted Houses, Creepy Paranormal Accounts And Scary True Ghost Stories That Will Chill You To The Bone - Real True Ghost Stories (True ... And Hauntings,True Paranormal Hauntings) 

Haunted Asylums: Chilling Cases Of Deserted Psych Wards, Haunted Asylums, Spooky Graveyards And True Ghost Stories (Haunted Asylums Series) 

Haunted: A Guide to Paranormal Ireland 

Haunted Places: Chilling Paranormal and Supernatural Ghost Stories from Around the World

When you have your locations sorted the next thing you need to do is get out there and start investigating!

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