Sunday, January 31, 2016

Do Ghosts Only Haunt at Night?

Most ghost hunting takes place at night for a variety of reasons.

  • Most people work during the day and it is more convenient to hunt at night.
  • The night time tends to be quieter as there are usually fewer people around to contaminate the scene.
  • The ghost hunter's senses may be heightened by the darkness.
  • Indoor locations may be open to the public during the day - pubs, shops, offices etc. and it may suit the owners to allow access only at night.
Ask any person who feels they are being haunted and they will tell you that they have the same feelings during the day as they do at night. Perhaps at night, imaginations tend to run away with themselves and every sound and every shadow is seen as sinister. However, many people report paranormal events taking place during the hours of daylight. 

Many years ago I saw a full bodied apparition of a woman suddenly appear beside me, weeping silently as she looked at of the window. It was early afternoon on a bright sunny day.

If ghosts are, as I believe, the energy of dead people, then it follows that they could have the same characteristics and personalities as they had when they were alive. 
  • Shy or introverted
  • Bold and confident
  • Gentle and kind
  • Rough and uncaring
There are many other combinations too numerous to mention but they illustrate that each ghost can be very different form the next. 

Perhaps some ghosts prefer the darkness or shadows and only try to interact when they are sure that they will remain hidden. Others perhaps, like to come out of the shadows to announce themselves in a grandiose fashion.

None of these mean that ghosts only appear at night. Even shy, introverted people come out of the shadows if they need help so why not ghosts?

Quite often during the day when I am at home I will hear shuffling and movement in the other room. Sometimes my dog and cat both follow the progress of an unseen energy moving about the house. They sit up side by side and follow something with their eyes. 

In answer to my question, do ghosts only haunt at night? I can emphatically say, No! Ghosts can be seen, heard or felt at any time not just at night.

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