Sunday, July 24, 2016

Private House Investigation - Cork

On Friday 13th May we went to investigate a private house in the city. There were five of us present from Cork Supernatural Society and four occupants in the house including the owners.

Some of the problems reported were as follows:

  • Feelings of unease in the dining area
  • Feelings of a presence around doorways - as if someone wanted to enter the room but was unable or afraid to do so
  • Unexplained noises - especially upstairs
  • Feeling of a presence in the upstairs bathroom
  • Strange unexplained behaviour of the owners' cat
We did a walk through while the owners showed us the problem areas and told us what phenomena they had encountered in each place.

We set up our equipment and when we switched on, found that the emf in the house was off the charts.

We requested that the owners switch off the Wi-Fi but this did not make any difference. After careful investigations we discovered that the emf seemed to be emitting from old light switches used throughout most of the house.

We asked that the electricity be switched off and this made the emf levels to falls immediately.

Paul - one of our investigators - advised the owners to contact an electrician to ensure that the old switches were properly earthed and the electricity supply shielded to reduce the emf in the house.

High emf levels are reported to produce various side effects although there is no scientific evidence to back this up, we as a team feel that it is our duty to inform occupants of the possible dangers.

Some of the purported side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Tiredness
  • Cancer clusters
  • Leukemia in children
After some discussion, we decided to continue with the investigation (with the electricity switched off)
We got some K11 hits in the upper back bedroom but the emf readings were not continuous as they had been when the electricity was switched on. The emf spikes seemed to be in response to our calling out but this was difficult to verify as they may have ben caused by passing mobile phone signal in the street outside.

Our sensor lights kept switching on but this was simply caused by the owners' very curious cat!

We split up into two groups and I was part of the group that investigated the dining area. There were four of us present seated around the dining room  table. A few minutes into the calling out session, a battery rolled off the table, falling to t he floor with a loud nose. We thought that this could easily have been knocked by one of us at the table so discounted this as paranormal.

Suddenly, a loud bang occurred under the table just beside me. I had been watching the cat as she was trying to switch on a sensor light in the sitting room area adjoining the dining area, so I knew that the noise was not caused by the cat.

We looked under the table and found a screen in a wooden frame lying on the floor. The owner stated that the screen had been leaning against the wall for a few months undisturbed.

We stood the screen up against the wall again and tried to get it to fall. We found that it would not move on its own, however, if something knocked against it, it would easily fall.

I was able to state categorically, that the cat had been nowhere near the screen and none of the rest of us were within reach of the screen.

I felt that this may have been paranormal as the atmosphere in the room had changed considerably in the few minutes before this happened but as a team we had to put it down to being an unexplained event with a  possible logical explanation as the room was not in regular use and perhaps someone had unknowingly brushed against the screen earlier.


  • The owners contacted us after the investigation to inform us that they had called in an electrician and he had been successful in reducing the emf emissions.
  • I picked up a couple of possible evps


  • I personally think that there may have been some paranormal activity in the house. I did feel some form of energy at times and the K11s seemed to support this. The possible evps were interesting but too faint and too indistinct to be anything other than interesting.
  • I observed the cat listening and seeming to watch something on the top landing just as I was feeling that someone was on the stairs.
  • My personal thoughts are that the high emf may have attracted some form of energy into the house. The house had a lovely peaceful feeling at all times and the overall energy in the house felt positive.


  1. Is there anybody believe paranormal activity in the house? I still don't believe it.. I think it's all about imaginary. thanks ~ Greg from AusCovert Investigations

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