Monday, August 1, 2016

Mini Investigation 30th July 2016

On Saturday the 30th July Cork Supernatural Society and I headed out to a location in Cork county. It was a beautiful still evening and as we walked to the location, we all remarked on the amount of stars in the sky.


We were unable to gain access to the building itself and so decided to do a brief outdoor calling out session to the rear of the property.
As we set up our equipment I seemed to get a hit on my K11 meter. This was not repeated and we were unable to ascertain a reason for the spike.

Audio Report

We held a brief session and then decided to call it a night.
I arrived home relatively early and took my audio recorder to bed with me so that I could quickly listen to the recording.
As the night had been so still - no wind or rain to hamper the recording - the sound was fairly clear.
I will need to clean up the audio a little so that I can hear everything but I am fairly sure that I heard a "yes" in reply to a question posed by a member of the team.
Later on in the recording there appears to be some whispering and twice there is a sound very like a "shush" that puts a stop to the whispering.
At the beginning of the recording there is a sound that I can not attribute to anyone there that night. It is a bit like a moan but there is an undercurrent almost like some kind of electronic sound.
Perhaps when I have a chance to listen to it properly I will have a better understanding of the various sounds.

Further Investigation

This location is well worth a further visit and I am sure that there are a lot of stories just waiting to be told, within its walls.
I could feel a lot of energy swirling about while we were calling out and hopefully, in the future, we will be able to investigate this location more fully.

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