Saturday, July 28, 2012

Duckett's Grove, Co Carlow 19th May 2012

We were invited to this location with two other paranormal teams as it is a big site with plenty to investigate.

We arrived and set up the DVR System in preparation for a long night. We had four cameras connected to this system, a trigger cam and a hand held full spectrum as well as the usual digital cameras, K11 meters, thermal imager, digital thermomenter, touch pad and dictaphone.

We split into three groups and agreed to work three areas simultaneously so that we would know where everyone was at any given time throughout the night.

We started our investigation in the kitchen area of the ruined castle. We could hear lots of movement all around us and one of the team felt something blow into his ear. Soon after this, he and another member of the team felt something touch the back of their heads and we were able to see a cold spot on the back of both of their heads through the thermal imager.

We also clearly heard footsteps around us on the stone floor.

The next part of the investigation was carried out in a little room where the housekeeper, Mrs O'Grady, used to live.

Four of us sat down around the table while the other team member sat on the floor. We began the investigation. Several of the team commented that the energy was changing and the team member on the floor fell asleep. This was highly unusual but I did feel a very heavy feeling descend on the room.

One of the team was asking if the woman of the house wanted to make contact. She then asked if Mrs O'Grady had brought a man into the house. As soon as she said this I felt a rush of energy and the table jumped violently. Most of our equipment slid onto the floor. I kept on filming even though I was shaking.

We decided to continue the investigation and settled back down around the table.  Suddenly one of the team had her chair pulled from behind. To me it seemed like someone wanted to sit at the table and had pulled out the chair.

One of the other team members said he felt like he was being strangled. The back of his neck was bright red. He decided to leave the area and after a brief discussion we all decided to take a break.

The next part of the investigation took part in the woods and walled garden areas. As we were walking through the garden, I and one of the others were in the rear chatting when suddenly we both turned around at the same time and shone our torches behind us, asking who was walking so close to us. There was no one there.

We continued throught the garden and out through a door into the woods. We all heard the sounds of footsteps on gravel all around us but there was no gravel in that area. Two of the investigators saw a grey shadow move quickly in a crouch from tree to tree.

We searched with our torches and with the thermal imager but could not find a trace of anyone else in the woods.

Eventually we went back into the walled garden. Here we saw shadows and heard footsteps but were unable to catch anything on camera.

For the final part of the night we decided to hold a joint investigation with the other two  teams in Mrs O'Grady's quarters.

As we began one of the investigators mentioned he could feel a cold spot on one of his knees. Digital thermometers revealed a two degree difference between that knee and the other. He asked if the temperature could be lowered further and the reading started to drop immediately.

Just then one of the team heard a noise outside and said she would go and have a look. We thought some kids might have broken into the site. She took off at a run down the courtyard shouting something. Most of the men left the room and ran after her and we could see them through the window as they split up and started searching.

She had taken the thermal imager with her and told us afterwards that she could see someone ahead of her and thought it was a kid so gave chase. She and another member of the team entered the walled garden and she took a thermal picture of the unknown person.

Extensive searching failed to find any trace of a person in the walled garden.

Video footage and photographs of the night including the strange figure can be seen here
Pic courtesy of Echo Ghost Hunters

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