Friday, July 27, 2012

Russagh Mill, Skibbereen 21st April 2012

As a now seasoned paranormal investigator with one whole investigation under my belt it was time to investigate our local mill which has been renovated and is now the local hostel.

We had heard stories of bolted doors opening on their own, hearing voices when there was no one there and bed clothes being tugged in the dead of night.

We arrived early and set up our equipment. Base readings were taken from all the rooms we planned to investigate and equipment checked.

We got a thermal image or heat source from a couch that no one had sat on that day. We tried to debunk it but it was bigger than any of the people in the building. It clearly showed the heat from a persons lower body and back.

Later in the evening we clearly heard footsteps coming up the stairs but there was no one there. Another investigator and I both saw a dark shape enter the room. Later we also got an EVP from this part of the investigation.

We moved to another room and got a few K11 hits. THis was the room where we had photographed the heat source.

On reviewing our sound recordings next day, we heard the sound of running water and cups and saucers being moved as if someone was making or drinking tea but the room where this was captured is a small office and does not have a water source, also, there was no one in the building at the time.

Photographs and video from this investigation can be found here

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